Sunday, June 21, 2009

Androvio - Control Rovio robot with Android phone

I like robots as much as the next geek and when they have web cams built-in that will allow me to see what’s going on in another room without having to get off my lazy duff I am all the more interested. The Rovio robot webcam is just such a device and I really want one.

If you already have your Rovio, you can now control the robot and see the live webcam feed right from your Android mobile phone. The application that lets you control the bot is called AndRovio and it’s from developer Poignant Projects.

You have full control over Rovio using the app from direction to camera position and everything in between. The app allows full control anywhere there is an available Wi-Fi connection. You can even get warnings on screen if the IR obstacle detector spots anything in the way. You can also use a 3G connection or even EDGE, but you can expect degraded video. The app is available for 99 cents on the Android Market.

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