Saturday, September 26, 2009

L300 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower Demo Video

Auto Lawn Mow presents the new line L300 basic model of Auto Lawn mowers. As the top of the line model, this is a robotic auto lawn mower that can handle over three acres of grass. Clean, effective and fully automatic, you can do whatever you want to do while the robot mows the grass. To understand the power of our flagship auto lawn mower, explore the range of features and benefits of the L300. This beautiful robotic lawn mower is everything you ever wanted and more!

Controlling and programming the new top of the range L300 model couldn't be easier. Using a Bluetooth™ mobile phone set the days and times you want L300 to cut or use the simple control panel on the rear of the mower. The heavy duty wheel motors are ideal for 30° slopes.

Intelligent mowing technology, means where the grass is longer, the L300 Robotic Lawn Mower will perform a 'Smart Spiral' function. In shorter grass L300 will save power by slowing the blade down.

This really is the Rolls Royce of robot lawn mowing. It not only looks good on the outside, it is very high-tech on the inside.

Fully Autonomous - The L300 Robotic Lawn mower returns to the recharge base on its own when the battery gets low - You can go all season long without worry. Get up to 8 hours without having to re-charge.

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